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The year 1997 was filled with historical events. President Clintonís controversial second term, Princess Dianaís tragic car accident, and an economic crisis crashing the Dow Jones by more than 500 points! At the very same time supporting a pregnant wife, a young soldier and carpenter by trade had a vision of creating the American dream for not only himself, but more importantly his family. Paralleled with the times, the current events showed America, Great Britain and the Dow Jones would have to become resilient in many ways. And so is the story of Matt Hall and Son Home Builders, Inc.

Matt Hall grew up in a large family with a mother that amongst other things instilled an incredibly hard work ethic. It would later prove to be vital for the future success of what is now Matt Hall and Son Home Builders. Working in almost every field of construction as far back as the age of 14, Matt gained his foundation of construction knowledge and experience. This exemplified his commitment and desire to serve this industry. Choosing then to serve our country Matt Hall joined the military and served in many capacities in the United States Army ranging from an Infantry Soldier, a medic, later becoming a Drill Sergeant, and then building on all of his life experiences served under the Special Operations command in the war in Iraq. In the Civilian sector, Matt Hall obtained a rare opportunity to be fielded and under the supervision of a well respected custom home builder Gary Wallace with Wallace Homes, Inc. This experience would prove to be invaluable as he worked with some of South Eastern Wisconsinís most skilled carpenters and other tradesmen. Building on that experience and the soon there after retirement of his mentor Gary Wallace, Matt Hall would then move into a field operations position with the countryís largest custom component builder Wausau Homes and Sterling Building Systems. After traveling much of the Midwest with this company, Matt would then move into a sales position for them selling custom components (panelized houses) to many area builders both large and small. Having the rare opportunity to see how many builders operated their business, he also observed how NOT to operate as a builder. And the birth of MH Builders (nine months later at the arrival of their first child) Matt Hall and Son Home Builders, Inc. had begun.

Seeing the many changes in the home building industry; building some of the most creative designs around, for a wide range of great clients and building more than one hundred custom built homes, Matt Hall and Son Home Builders has become an innovative leader in providing a high valued diverse product. Maintaining a hands on approach to the whole building experience, the Matt Hall team collectively value all people, they hold strong to their core values of people and how those relationships cultivate into the character of each home they build for their customers. These experiences have brought immeasurable value and enjoyment to each home they have built.

Today the face of Matt Hall and Son Home Builders is that of Matt Hall, his wife, two children, and a small staff that are honored with the opportunity and responsibility their customers entrust in them. You just canít help but want to be part of the strong rich history they have developed!

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Matt Hall & Son allowed us to create the type of home WE wanted, while using his expertise to do the job soundly and efficiently.

- Jeff & Kim
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